These are just a few of the customer reviews that I receive:

Matthew H ( USA - MSO / Anti Piracy ): Thank you, the Resume came out great. Thanks for your time.

Louis Van Wyk ( Namibia - Air Diver ): David thanks you so much for the CV it's done very professionally.

Mark Sleney ( HGV Trainee - Class 2 ): CV looks good and thank you for all of your help.

Jake Hudson ( Rope Access Tech - L2 ): CV looks spot on, many thanks and appreciate your time.

Derren G ( Canada - Security): I have to tell you how well received my resume was, the best they have seen they said, thank you.

Camilla H ( Security ): My CV and covering letter = 5 ***** and I highly recommend david to anyone who wants to have their CV revamped. He keeps in touch with you until all documents are completed.

Joseph Goss ( L3 Rope Access - Safety Supervisor ): Great CV and cover letter. Great work and thanks for all your help.

Ben Dowdall ( Water Operations Technician ): Thank you David for a great CV ! 1 or 2 minor errors that were quickly rectified. So professional and a great service.

Spencer Bain ( Rigger ): I can personally vouch for David's C.V writing service ! It makes a big difference to the amount of callbacks I receive from applications. For a small fee, it really is worth the money.

John Conroy ( Security in HRA's ): Just a quick thank you to David, excellent work completed.

Jim Jackson ( Electrician ): Very fast turnaround and I am getting interviews already, thank you.

Craig Dunlop ( Installation Electrician ): That is brilliant mate, thank you for doing it so quickly.

Michael Parry ( Construction - Water Utilities ): Very impressed with my CV thank you, I'd be happy for you to update my LinkedIn page please.

Alan Hall ( Painter & Blaster - L3 Rigger ): Very pleased with my CV and was provided in very quick time for my upcoming interview.